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Frequently Asked Questions
What is VLTP?
The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) is an application that allows Government employees, payrolled by GSA, to donate leave to other Government employees.
How do I obtain access to VLTP?
VLTP utilizes the MAX.gov authentication process to validate users. If a Government employee has a valid MAX.gov account and is payrolled by GSA, they may donate using VLTP.
Who can receive donations?
  1. Government employees who, through their Human Resources system, have submitted and been approved to receive leave donations.
  2. Leave banks set up for approved special circumstances such as disaster relief efforts for hurricanes.
To whom may I donate?
You may donate directly to an approved Government employee or leave bank. VLTP will only display approved recipients.
Can I donate to employees of another agency or organization?
Yes. You may donate to any of the listed agencies, organizations or leave banks.


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